For expert help with blocked drains and plumbing issues across Sydney

If you are having problems with blocked drains in your home or office, call on the experts at Hills Plumbing Services. We know how to unblock, repair and fix your blocked drains for good. When you need a plumber with experience in unblocking drains look no further. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our fully licensed and qualified team of plumbers offers dependable and affordable service throughout the greater Sydney area. If you want it done right, call on Hills Plumbing Services!

Blocked drains

At Hills Plumbing Services, unblocking drains is what we do best. We are one of the leading plumbing companies in Sydney. We utilise the latest technology to identify the cause of your blocked drains and solve the problem once and for all. We use high pressure water jets instead of old electric eels. High pressure jets have thorough root removal ability and with the correct cutting heads our water jets can get through even the toughest of blocked drains. Once we have diagnosed your blocked drain with our CCTV sewer camera, we will be able to provide you with an efficient and effective service straight away.

Pipe re-lining

We are able to re-line your broken sewer and storm water pipes without damage to your concrete driveway or expensive landscaped surrounds. By not having to dig up your property, you will save the time and money associated with replacing your driveway or gardens.

This technology works by pushing a liner through the existing pipe line that has been impregnated with an epoxy lining. Once cured in place, the epoxy forms a hard shell that is even stronger than the old host pipe.

Our team is trained and experienced in the use of this latest technology and backed up by our 25 year warranty on all pipe re-lining. Call now Hills Plumbing Services for the very best pipe re-lining services!

24/7 Service

Plumbing emergencies can strike at any time. That is why Hills Plumbing Services offers our customers a reliable 24 hour 7 day a week emergency call out service. No matter what time of the day or night, weekends, public holidays or weekdays, you can count on our team to be there promptly and solve the problem fast.

Our master plumber at work in Kellyville Ridge